Dan Lieb
Art & Underwater Illustration

"Art is long and time is fleeting."

Andrew Loomis

Set Design & Construction

Set design and construction is fun, creative and challenging. From theatrical sets for professional and community theaters to specialty sets for weddings, parties and trade shows, set design and construction is one of my areas of expertise.

I built a dozen of these center pieces for a party. Each depicts the corals of the caribbean including staghorn, fire, wire and plate coral along with tube sponges and seaweed. I also included custom-made sting rays in addition to factory-made fishes.

This set piece was made for the same party above, but this piece appeared above the bar. This drunken mermaid has fallen asleep on a bed of sea fans. She is complete with a green martini glass and little fish swimming around it getting the last drop. She is life-size at over six feet long.